UPDATE: Nearly old but not quite there yet

Bermuda's Department of Tourism's (BDOT) Tashae' T.  has been proactive these past few weeks producing Johnny Barnes' T-shirts and gathering Ministers to commemorate his life at Crow Lane's roundabout between 7.45&9am.

Initially visioning an afternoon shindig with a bit of dancing (flashmob, gombey etc), entertainment and of course some things to satisfy the tummy... Tomorrow, I'll show up for a bit of schmoozing.

I've started letting go of this dream to produce an awesome event around JB's- world renown icon of Bermudian culture- 90th birth anniversary. According to the receptionist/admin assistant in the Cabinet Offices, I won't be given any leads on the results of the nomination which I submitted back in Feb. 2013; however, if the Premier decides to Honor Johnny Barnes with the Queen's Honorary Cert. later this year there could still be an event put together in his 90th year.

I'm focusing on erecting Bermuda's Culinary Creation Centre but would love to consult BDOT with this and other ideas that could provide jobs.

I may wear this t-shirt tomorrow. Delivering a vegan cake to the birthday boy on his actual DOB: 23.6.

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