A local chef who expressed a need to learn is instantly updated on how to do so: hand crafted Pasta. He stuffed the pasta with fresh cheese, aged goat cheese and basil.

Bermuda's Culinary Creation Centre (BCCC) is still under construction awaiting fire wall completion by landloard and inspection from Bermuda Fire Service- in order to move forward and schedule activities BCCC is also waiting to hear back from Minister Faye's office regarding the application that was submitted in November 2012 for charity status.

In the mean time, Ashley has been spending time on Westover farm after seeing something like an employment opportunity in the Royal Gazette. has also been receiving calls and emails from German media looking to find out if Bermuda Tourism has given/open any playable opportunities or support since last year's efforts to launch a festivity of cultural relations focusing on Johnny Barn's 90th Birthday.

Lahey Clinic may reconnect with Ashley to assist in providing information at health fair.


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