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I had an interview yesterday afternoon with BDA Sun journalist Raymond Hainey. It felt good talking about ideas that I believe could help to heal, grow and sustain our country a little more - social development. Yes, I've said it before and I'll say it again... Our bodies are comparable to machines. I don't know about you, but if I had a Mazaratti, a racer, I'd put good tires and great fuel into supporting its maximum output!

Many of us here are so busy. This island is buzzing with high potential. Sometimes, were so busy, we don't always have what it takes to care about food preparations. Yes, there is the concept of mind over matter but my understanding is that food is a major supporter in balance and maintaining that.

Topics touched upon include:

What 'My ideal workshop' will facilitate: local food co-op (having a space where a few professionals can collaborate their efforts in producing high quality goods and service), cross-curriculum, workshops for people interested to learn & experience more on food, nutrition and cookery.

Our need for a Food Bank. Officials and company owners have stated that we have enough food on the island at any one time to feed the population for 6 weeks. I proposed a system where people reserve their goods from a specific systematic food distribution utilizing a share system. Every 4-6 weeks, shareholders can retrieve their high quality organic goods. Shares can be marketed in portions. i.e 1share will be enough to sustain 1 person for 4-6 weeks. I'd like this food bank to offer benefits for consuming in bulk (economies of scale).  The Food Bank will focus on supplying basic necessities (whole grains, nuts, beans etc). However, specialty add-ons such as sugar and spices can be considered as well. This is a way people can insure their own food security. (note: this was initially bought to former minister Roban's attention during Fall/2012 Sustainable Round Table  and Fwd: to Minister Bean's desk on 11/17/11. I'm looking forward to seeing this project progress and perhaps participate in it's growth if needed.




What topic(s) would you like for me to elaborate on?
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