Ag Show's greasy gratifications

Okay, so this post may be a few weeks late. Nevertheless, as I patrolled the local tradition of food and culture, people of all ages were trotting about the Botanical Gardens to see what they could. Kids seemingly hopped up on dopamine buzzed through the crowds, and slow moving streams of human traffic.

As I made my way toward the food court to check out the situation, all I could see and smell were fried foods, and highly processed food products. Oy vey! My heart felt heavy. Deep breathing, and fast stepping got me through the emulsion of controlled confusion and sticky situations. Yes, I enjoy a sweet every now and again but I think the density of the crowd mixed with the thick sent of greez (Bermudian jargon) upset my tummy.

I guess we're just dipping our pinky toe into the pool of health and wellness. Help me help you!


Tx for raising this. I say it everytime I go to the Exhibition. Let's work together to create something better for future years. Ashley, talk to the Botanical Gardens' curator about it. Ideally YOU should be vending at the event. Reach out to the organizers as soon as you can. They'd probably welcome you. I sure hope so. Keep us posted girl!
Nicole -  Thursday, 10 May 2012 Quote
Wow indeed, or perhaps a gasp and eyebrow raise. Thanks for adding that point. Lots of people are pinching nickles and dimes as you know. Supporting local production is often times more expensive than imports. So, people either don’t understand the concept of buying local to stimulate local economy or they don’t care. Needing production to be more efficent. Collaboration can help sometimes... Whats the deal with aquaponics/loca l fish farming? Anyone doing it here? if not, why not? couldn’t we use our surrounding oceans to produce and potentially export?
ashtuck -  Thursday, 10 May 2012 Quote
Thanks for raising this topic, Ashley. I was disappointed that not one single vendor at the Ag Show had local fish (or local anything else, by the look of it). They all knew it, too; assuring me as I asked that I would not find any other vendor selling local fish that day. So, how could they all know that and still not think there was something missing from this picture? At a celebration of local food production and animal husbandry there is not one vendor selling locally raised or caught food? Wow. Peace, Steve.
Steve -  Thursday, 10 May 2012 Quote

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