Lemons and citrus fruits are in abundance during the hump of winter months. There is surely a use for them. I've been getting over this bronchial upheaval for the past week or so. Having warm water with lemon and honey 2-3x/day has helped sooth my aggravated passageways.

1/2         lemon, juiced
8oz         water, boiled, cooled for 30-45 seconds
2tsp       honey

Note* vit c also helps with absorbing iron.

Use the zest of the lemons into your vinaigrette recipe or toss it in your steamed rice to liven it up. Microplanes are wonderful. They peel away the flavourful parts of the skin while leaving the bitter white rinds behind.

I've been neglecting the blog, but you should know that there are big and exciting projects under way.  Reconnecting Bermuda with food. Having an understanding of where your food comes from, cooking and sharing it can be liberating, empowering and enjoyable. There's so much to do, stay tuned and connected.


Much love ~ xxo

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