College students boycotting local eatery should weigh out other options!

Hey ya'll,

I know that things are a little late on this entry- its long overdue and I've been wanting to share this for some time now.
For those of you that don't know, the students at the the BDA college decided to make a stink over high food prices at the campus eatery- Buzz.*

Student Council Vice President Stephen Lightbourne said ' we were able to boycott Buzz for 4 days straight. Lots of help was received from neighboring business.'  'Through donations we were able to provide student with meals (pizza, beef patties, fish & rice) as an alternative even though we encouraged them to bring their own meals.'

On the fourth day of the boycott the student council held a meeting with Buzz executives and were able to negotiate a discount and a healthier, more student oriented menu. Note that buzz not only agreed to provide college students with a discount, but all students from every level of education with a 5% discount at any location.

I also see that Paraquet is offering a 15% savings to collage students & faculty.

According to Stephen, Buzz is the only food provider as they have a contract to be the sole distributor of food. 'Coco Reef the hotel isn't really open to students'.

Lets lay this as flat and plainly as I can. Okay, here it goes...
Any college campus that I've been to, or heard of has at least one buffet style eatery offering 3 meals a day 5days/week. On the weekends maybe only breakfast and dinner are served.

Students pay into a meal plan in order to have access to  food. One can buy standard or premium packages which grant them access to more or fewer meals.

Why on earth, is this lacking from the Bermuda College? The institution prides itself on it's Culinary Arts program. They could easily implement a curriculum around the operation of this cafeteria. The food dining facility will generate jobs for the student body, give students hands on experience in the industry, and provide the much needed support for the student body and faculty.

An employee of the Bermuda College who has contributed a couple decades within the establishment  recalled 'a little lady' in the cafeteria at the Bermuda College 6th Form Center when it used to be where the National Stadium stands today.

Its about time...give it a shot, approach the President.





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