Sip & Savor Beverages

water, lemongrass, mint, ginger, agave, stevia

Tamarind Limeade
water, tamarind, lime, stevia, agave, jaggery

water, bark, spices, agave syrup, stevia

Cayenne Concoction
water, local honey, cayenne, spices, stevia

Artisanal Creations ·∞· Locally Produced·∞· Fresh Ingredients

 They are available in 23oz containers and sell at 4.50 each. Suggested retail range between $5-6.

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It's Only Natural
Island Cuisine
Bermy Cuisine
Juice & Beans

Shelf life is 1-1.5 weeks. They are palatable and drinkable for up to 2.5 weeks but the flavors aren't popping as I like them to be thereafter 1.5 weeks. If pasted ideal shelf life, these beverages would be awesome mixers for alcoholic concoctions.