Food Analysis:

Product & Recipe Development:
$175 for the first hr
$125/hr thereafter
+ cost of materials/ingredients

Menu Development:
$175 for the first hr
$150/hr thereafter

Personal Chefing:
$75/hr - delivery orders
$125/hr - in home prep and execution
(not including cost of materials which is subject to change with market)

Food Demonstrations: 

Private- Depends on the capacity and venue
Personal- Depends on the venue


Culinary Nutritional Assessment

5 consultations (approx 25 min ea)

Field trip- home& to grocery store (2hrs)

Investment:   $625

*Some individuals require more or less support. Depending on the individual’s needs, Prices are subject to change.


Other Culinary Nutritional/Culinologist Consultations:
There are many way’s which I can assist business in making their production more efficient. Training, structured formalities, developed protocols, and food cost analysis are tedious to implement; however,  the investment in this area makes a huge difference in the output of a company.

Each project and business is unique, proposals furnished upon request.

$75 for initial consultation (1hr).


Charities receive at least 10% off of service charge


In these difficult times, with the recession, job loss, no health insurance & rising prices, I understand that we need to work together to progress.  I want to help!

My commitment is to work with you by providing:

Payment plans

Barter-for-Service Option

Early-pay discounts

Pay with a Credit Card

Payment plan extensions

 Financial Hardship discounts