Food Demos

Developing and executing fun, tasty and informative educational presentations
is another one of my expertise.  Sharing knowledge is something I thoroughly enjoy. My interaction with the people helps aid the digestion and absorption of the information being presented. I believe that we are what we eat- our bodies are like machines.

If you had a high performance car, you would put only the best petrol into it- high octane- so that it could run efficiently and perform well to have maximum output. Food is our fuel for function, repair & growth. There is a lot to talk about. The topic of food can be profound, various, and everlasting. I can pinpoint certain topics of interest or perform general overviews of healthful eating & cooking. Contact me with your personal desires, questions or needs relating to food, nutrition, and cookery.


Public- parks, schools, health awareness in the office
Private- small residential parties
Personal- one-on-one learning. This is perfect for someone who really wants to learn how to cook more efficiently or looking to add that special "somethin' somethin" to make their dishes foodgasmic