Bite my bun

Growing up, this cultural Christian celebration marked my favourite holiday. Sprawling in bed this morning, I wondered why it was so enjoyable and memorable. Perhaps it was the unlimited supply of fluffy raisin bread, cinnamon swirled, hot-cross buns and fish cakes followed by oodles of sweets and chocolates to get; plenty of good food and sugar pumping the endorphins.

Since I worked late last night, I didn’t get my hands on the batch of buns Mom made, but my sister & I declared them the best tasting lot in history. Mom said she only used honey to sweeten them this year.

Like today's weather, I remember most Good Fridays being pleasantly springlike... Or at least nice enough to get a kite up in the sky- even if it called for 20 ft of tail to offset the wind and keep her steady. This year I decided to forgo my tradition of pulling an all nigher to construct a kite at the last minute, fortunately I found a birdy kite stashed under the guest bed at my Mom’s. I crashed here last night to insure that I stay away from work and give myself break.

For people wondering how I spend my ‘day off’:  I enjoy being quiet while stuffing my face with goods made by someone who loves to cook. I’ve had two hot-cross buns and a ‘Wish Cake’ – chickpea wannabe fish cake- along with three bunny shaped sugar cookies and a slab of strawberry coffee cake. Lots of water, and a spot of tea all in between napping, gazing at the trees, and tormenting my nephew, Noah, with tickles and kisses.

I’ll probably brew some coffee soon because I need to get into work and concoct a couple batches of Sip & Savour Beverages for tomorrow’s market. I planned on getting that out of the way yesterday but I had a few last minute orders that needed attention along with a water plumbing leak at Bermy Cuisine…

About to sink my chops into another hot-cross bun with a fish cake this time.

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