Last but not least...

She's another whitey that popped out into existence on Friday night/Saturday morning. Dubbed Encore by Mr. Tucker and separated near after birth to help the kid build a  relationship of trust which makes the farm work less of a hassle.

Milk production is booming now. Maybe a couple kills in the near future due to the flux of gilly. I'm well overdue for a sharpening of my fabrication skills as it's been nearly 5 years since slaughtering the hog down in St. Davids with the Pitchers.

Not particularly caring so much for milking these beasts. Once this apprenticeship is over, I'd be happy not having to milk another for the rest of my life. I do appreciate the process but someone else can bring me the ingredient to make goods!  'But your getting to be so good at it- an expert milker.'  he said.
'Mehhh... I can be good at many things... it's not that difficult. I just don't like it but I'll hang in there'. For the love of cheese ~


Schaweeeet! For the of cheese keep milking Ash!
Scott -  Wednesday, 20 March 2013 Quote
cute Ash - thanks - the things we do for love..
james -  Sunday, 17 March 2013 Quote

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