Sitting at my desk here after a full day of communications, deliveries, and product development on Tucker's Goat Farm. It's been a very successful day for Lots of new interested people emailing inquiring about various services available.


**Content extracted due to recent physical threats and curses cast onto yours truly**



@donna Thank s for the feed back. Projects are sprouting rapidly. I'll be more settled once Bermuda's Culinary Creation Centre is rooted in Wellbottoms... The paperwork was submitted today! Planning estimates a week before they permit constructing the commercial kitchen. So, were looking at the end of April-mid May for instillation to be completed.
ashtuck -  Saturday, 16 March 2013 Quote
Hi Ash, After reading your article in the paper, I went in search of your drinks. As I live in S'pton, i tried Island Cuisine,only to be disappointed learning they are not sold there. After reading your blog today,I understand why. Anyway, i have tracked them down and have had the Tamarind Limeade, and now drinking the lemongrass. As i make herb teas myself, i find them quite refreshing and have told several people where to purchase them. Keep striving Ash, I will continue to support you & sister in your endeavors. Now I must try your goat cheese after seeing your website. Who knows with some prayer and luck, Sip & Savor will make it to S'pton family store :) All the best Donna Hendrickson
Donna -  Sunday, 03 March 2013 Quote
Bermy Cuisine Juice & Beans It’s Only Natural People ’s Pharmacy Down to Earth Windy Bank Farm J&J Produce
at -  Sunday, 24 February 2013 Quote
'Derenika Emery My lunch was delicious Ashley Tucker, looking forward to next week. I took chance with the juice and I Loved it! Everything was so fresh and tasty.'
ashtuck -  Friday, 22 February 2013 Quote

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