UPDATE : Bermuda's Culinary Creation Centre

Waiting for charities commission to say yay or nay to the proposed charity, Bermuda's Culinary Creation Centre (BCCC).

Bermuda Fire Department (Mr. Albouy & Mr. Denkins) deemed the old BI -also known as The Cultural Community Centre- unsafe for much of any activity. Someone has stripped the whole building of it's fire alarm system just to name one of the bigger issues. I've been leaving voice mails for Mrs. Brangmon prior christmas 2012.

I'm thinking the East end(God's Country) may be calling me until the old BI becomes available.

In other news:

An alliance has been tossed into play with Bermuda Sports Network (BSN Channel 82). This will be a great platform for BCCC's broadcasting initiatives. I'm drafting concepts for episode topics to carry along to my next gig with BSN (some event Sandys 360 will be popping off on Friday).

Talks with RGazette on Friday.  Not likely any budget for more writers at the moment. Will see what comes of the discussion. Would be valuable practice.


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