I don't generally eat meat but I'd eat his kids!

My Folklore Apprenticeship has officially kicked-off. A program headed by the Department of Community & Cultural Affairs allows my development of  skills and network expansion while shadowing Mr. Tucker from Tucker's Goat Farm.

Most of the mums have popped out their kids; however, we can still expect 3-5 more.

The other day while at the farm helping with the evening feed, Tuck had lots to say about the damn billies(*1) that weren’t any use to him. Planning to give them away to other farmers, he jokingly tossed the idea of hosting a roast up in the air. Given that most of my taboos related to eating meat stem from the lifestyle and manufacturing processes employed by meat distributors, I have always said, ‘If I had my own farm, I’d probably eat meat again’. I see the care given to these animals and think I’d manage just fine downing a few [delete: several] mouthfuls of that tender flesh. Actually, I’d be honored to eat it.

The younger kids receive the colostrum from the mums while older kids guzzle their rations of formula. Each kid is bottle feed. Nippy little things they are. As I shoved a nipple into their little gummy mouths to entice their appetite, my mouth became saturated at the thought of enjoying them along with a couple glasses of Merlot. I suggest a combo of braise and roasts.

 It’s the night before I loose my cheese-making virginity. Tomorrow morning, we’ll be prepping pressed cheese. As 3 of the goats haven’t birthed yet, and some are passing colostrum, milk volume is low. Once the full herd is pumping, most of the milk will get gobbled before aging and utilized as chevre.

Looking forward to eating the cheese and maybe a kid or two.


*1. Billies- male goats





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