Breakfast for One

It all stared out with a loaf of stale almond bread and my grumbling desire for a helping of breakfast food. I could have made an omelet with the grape tomatoes, Gouda, Manchego and spring onions kickin' it in the fridge but I figured it would be best to use up this tapered loaf.

The wash:
1/2c milk (soy or whatever you like)
1tbsp agave
pinch salt

There is enough egg wash for another helping: lunch, dinner, tomorrow's breakfast etc. blah blah blah. Maple syrupless, I used a dollop of a soy cream cheese frosting that I had left over as well as a smidgen of peach preserve that I made over the summer to sweeten the situation. Chopped up some fresh berries from Patty & JR's farm... et voilà. Kids or those who like to play with their food might like to erect a sandwich like concoction out of the components.

*Chef's note: To have an even golden layer on the french toast, make sure your pan is hot. Then put a little fat (butter or oil) followed by the bread that has been dunked in the wash. Hear the sizzle. Reduce heat a little. Flip. Enjoy!


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