Bermuda's Culinary Creation Centre

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Currently in the process of initiating a charity, I am establishing partnerships with those who are interested in assisting people in their growth and development.

Bermuda's Culinary Creation Centre (BCCC) is waiting on it's application to be processed. It was submitted to the Registrars General in November 2012.

Mission: to assist individuals within the local community with their understanding of the provenance of their food.  We believe that in time this understanding will assist individuals in making conscious decisions for their own well-being leading to an empowered and healthy community.

Vision: We endeavor to fulfill our mission through the integration of curriculum and cultural activities offered to the local community.

I'm looking to developing the old Berkley Institute (Cultural Community Center) for BCCC's headquarters. Over the summer of 2012, I was able to land a container from my alma mater- Johnson & Wales University- full of goods donated to BCCC's start up. Stoves/oven, fridges, a combi-oven, stainless steel work benches, prep sink etc are here and waiting to be utilized.

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