Bermuda Hospitality Institute Competition Submission

Dear Ashley,
Thank you for entering Bermuda’s Rising Chef of the Year Competition!
Please take a moment to review the details below and respond with the
necessary information as soon as possible.

•       Résumé or Biography – outlining the following questions
o       Current or Most Recent Job Title
o       Length of time in field of Culinary Arts
o       Country of Origin
o       How does your background influence your cooking
o       Most memorable experience in the kitchen

•       Headshot – we will need a high resolution photo of yourself (we will
arrange to have one taken if necessary).

**Please note competitor videos are not needed to complete your entry at
this time.

Kind regards,

Pahn-ya Ratteray, B.A., MTA
Project Administrator
Bermuda Hospitality Institute
61 King Street, Hamilton HM 19
Tel: 441-295-5049
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"BHI is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote Bermuda
hospitality through education and training".

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Name: Ashley Tucker
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
School/Employer: Self
Cell Phone: 3321611
Work Phone:
Age: 24

What drives your passion for food?  I'm hungry.

Why do you deserve to compete in Bermuda's Rising Chef of the Year
Competition?  I'm a qualified candidate with unique flair- pizazz.

How did you hear about this event: Browsing Facebook


Ashley Tucker This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Oct 2

Good evening,

Please review the following:


Length of time in field of Culinary Arts: 10 years

Country of Origin: Bermuda

My background is the foundation of my work. My mother showed me how to love. Now, I am able to infuse my work with it's essence. People taste, feel and enjoy it. I only know because they tell me so.

I have many kitchen memories. During a fundamental skills class in university, I roasted a chicken. In these beginner's classes, the Chef instructor would demonstrate the dish and have us recreate utilizing his methods. This particular chef was -for lack of better words- a hard ass. He cut into my plated dish. Probe, poke, swirl and twirled the piece of chicken he detached in a smidgen of the sauce. At first, his eyebrows seemed to crinkle and got closer together. There may have been a twitch in his neck too.

Going back for seconds of the sauce, coating his palate by rubbing his tong on the roof of his mouth, he was deep into analytical mode.

My heart was in my throat by now. Looking on with great concern trying to hold it together, I clenched my checkered school issued side towel between both hands. Reminding myself to breath, I waited for some verbalization.

'This is Excellent Ashley. There's really nothing for me to suggest for your improvement on this dish. Well done.'

A good day for self-assurance. Stomach sunk back into place. I was able to enjoy the leftovers of my critiqued creation.

Another time during school, a different Chef, this time in a course studying the Cuisine of Americas. This Chef was more of a joking stickler. 'If you have time to lean, you have time to clean!'. Just one of the good ol' sayings he would often hurl at his crew (students).

It was near service. Things were in order and I believe I was Sous Chef of the day. I was strolling down the line making sure each station had what they needed. There was a half hotel pan full of beautifully steamed peas. Vibrant, they were.  Last I checked, Chef was facing his computer with his back to the kitchen. As I walked past the peas, I snagged one and kept walking. I tossed the pea into my mouth discreetly, or so I thought.

In his barking voice that was extra loud this time and seemed to ring in my ear as if he was standing right beside me, 'Miss. Tucker! This is not your buffet line.'

By now I was on the opposite side of the kitchen out of his sight. 'Yes Chef. Sorry.' was about all I could muster up.

'Disgusting! Absolutely disgusting.'

I was mortally embarrassed. That was a big gulp for such a small pea.

Warmest regards,

Ashley Tucker

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