Rendered Meatless Meals

250 portions, five weeks, new people, plentiful pleasantries, enlivened guests who shared with me while indulging in guiltless eats. This experience has allowed me to gain clarification on issues and current projects.

No kitchen casualties- you'll be glad to know-  while toning up my knife skills and pushing harder. Finally figured out a good formula for vegan ginger bread- a Bermudian classic treat.

Next time, I'll advertise a little more than what I did. I utilized social media/networking along with the help of As-utchamet (Nicole) and the Vegetarian Society.

I do however, wonder about the dozens of people who verbalized a desire to have more vegetarian food service and neglected to show up even once during October "There's nothing here in Bermuda." "No one cooks for vegetarians." "It's always salad or pasta!".  Is there something I'm missing out on? I did make deliveries for some... Would that have served you better? Feel free to hit me back via email or leave your comments below.

What's next? I'm currently communicating with Community Ed. Hopefully they'll have room for me this time around during the Winter segment. I may host a few independently as well featuring recipes that were utilized during October's Meatless Mondays.  Stay tuned in @

As always, as if you don't know already, many thanks and loving thoughts to all of you.

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