Sweet, salty, crunchy kettle corn

Today, as I was babysitting two cute little kiddies, the electricity went out. The disastrous effects of being without it frustrated them like you wouldn't believe. Unable to view their late morning programs they spent some time reasoning how and why such a thing could happen 'Cant we pick them up over satellite?' 'Oh my God, this blows!'.

So, we gathered our gear and towels to head out for a swim. To satisfy the munchies that are always associated with swimming, I popped a batch of the  encrusted delightful snack- Kettle corn.

Satisfying the inquisitive intuitive chef within, they declared that they had to have a sample-'This is the bestest thing I've ever tasted!' 'I'm gonna eat this all day long!'. Several comments like this were made as they shoveled tiny fist fulls of it into their mouths.  'Pink and purple pop corn!? Oh my goodness! What in the world?!' .. What made it even more appetizing was the fact that I used some of their raw sugar sprinkles that are colored in creation of this batch.The little girl's eyes lit up as she convulsed her body into a shivering state of bliss and excitement- today was their first experience with kettle corn.



To make a batch of your own kettle corn, you'll need:

1 large heavy bottom pot & lid
1/2 c corn kernels
1tbsp olive oil
1.5-2 tbsp raw sugar (use a few drops of natural food coloring to tint your sugar)
1/4 tsp Sea Salt


  1. Place the pot on medium heat for about a minute
  2. Add the olive oil & the corn kernels
  3. Put the lid on the pot and swirl the contents
  4. Lower heat to medium-low and swirl contents every 30 seconds
  5. When you hear the first 5 kernels pop, add the sugar and swirl some more!
  6. Keep swirling till the popping noise tapers off. If there are 3-5 second intervals between popping you should extinguish the heat and continue swirling...
  7. Remove lid and sprinkle with sea salt. Recover and shake it up.
  8. Cool & Enjoy~
**Chef's Note:

If you like things sweeter add 1/2 tbsp of sugar to the recipe
If you like things spicey, add 1/4 tsp of cayanne pepper to the sugar. Add them both together during step 5

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