Cooler Calmer Kitchen

Now that the weather is finally cooling off here in Bermuda after a steamy summer, it’s time to get back to baking and bread making. This afternoon, just before heading out for my afternoon stroll, I plopped my bread machine on the counter.  Following guidelines given by 'The Hillbilly House wife' I flicked the ingredients into the bucket, closed the lid, punched the settings, walked away (literally).

4 hrs later, I was rewarded with a warm, yummy loaf of multigrain bread. What a way to end the day- wafting the stream of aromas and then eating the product of creation.

I'm very active and busy so I enjoy the luxury of having the help of a machine to prepare my bread. Sometimes, I'll just prepare the dough and proof it in the machine, then make rolls or tapered loafs.

I came across this brilliant resource when I bought the bread machine about a year ago off of eMoo (local network of private sales & services) that didn't come with the manual.

She saved me from going full foolish-check it out:




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